Business Mapping

Business Mapping core elements to organize small and medium businesses by particular categories. This will enable companies and patrons alike to search for entities by a unique metric. Designed as unconventional business identifiers to aid in the quest for suppliers, contractors, partners, acquisitors, and even end clients.

Supported Cities

Las Vegas Houston Miami Internet


What is INGNR


Trust. Integrity. Reliability.
Works to fights scams, bad intentions, and lack of security. Taking steps to ensure the businesses you contact will not impact you in negative way. Working through safety criteria to make sure all business listings are a good source of information, commerce, products, and reputation.

How does it work?


Creates a net for businesses comprised of businesses. Companies can search for suppliers, contractors, and other key project pieces for their works. Maps out only companies without any other non-relevent information. Creates one consolidated area for companies and entrepreneurs.

Core Elements


Find businesses by the type of product or service that they offer. Explore innovations that each company is investing their resources in. Find unique talent needs that various entities and organizations require to succeed. Explore a health metric which relays the well being of a company. Businesses need support too. This allows others to see if a company is potentially in trouble.

How to qualify


Equal representation for all businesses and the strength in community and collaboration. Provides a unified place for companies to be listed for business purposes without any distractions. Includes 3 starting cities with plans to expand into all US locations. Utilization of resources from companies of all sizes.