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Discover new locations to visit
Date Design

Take the planning out of dating
Date Design

Declutter. Freedom. Balance.
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Home is the new frontier
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Goal Analyzer

Know exactly where you are headed
Goal Analyzer
Scenario Simulator

There is no substitute for experience
Scenario Simulator

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Las Vegas Houston Miami Seattle Colubmus
Raleigh Oklahoma City wichita Minniapolis Phoneix

What is INGNR


What is INGNR?

Designed to be a partial escape from reality. The creation of challenges and events using an engineering approach. The program uses the same geography and environment, while you will be presented with a new outlook and script.

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What are the Core Elements?

6 Elements make up the core INGNR suite. There are the essential components that allow you to participate in the program. These 6 elements make up majority of the typical day to day interactions and events.

Number of Cities

How does this work?

Input does equal output. In order for you to get the most of this program, you should ideally be open minded and be open to new experiences. Trying new things is at the heart of the system and fundamentally part of our philosophy. As you receive directions, you might interact with new people, visit places you have never before, learn new skills.


How to qaulify

The selection process is quite simple. We want anyone who likes to challenge themselves, and will try a new approach to their daily routine. Connect with us and let us know why you want to explore the INGNR world.